"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt"

9 de octubre de 2012

▪ I'll Buy the Flowers Myself

She said she thinks she’ll buy the flowers herself.
She thinks herself, she thinks the flowers.
She flowers in herself.
She’ll buy the flowers, she thinks.
She, she, she, the flowers, herself.
She says to herself what she thinks.
She thinks to herself what she says, what she buys.
She. Always herself.
Her thoughts flow in flowers.
And she thinks and she says and she buys.
The flowers, she said to herself.
Clarissa thinks clearly what she buys.
And Clarissa says clearly what she thinks.
And Clarissa thinks what she says clearly.
And Clarissa clearly buys what she thinks.
Clearly, Clarissa thinks—
What a beautiful morning.

I think I’ll buy the flowers myself, she said.
I, out of the blue.
Here and now, me, myself.
What a beautiful morning it is, I say.
Full of beautiful thoughts, beautiful flowers.
Full of me, out of the blue, full of fresh air, full of myself.
What a beautiful morning indeed.
To think, to say, to buy, to flow.
I flow in myself now, in flowers, out of the blue.
Out of the blue—the blue, the morning, the flowers, myself.
Flowery thoughts flow out of myself, out of the blue.
The flowers in myself and myself in the flowers.
Myself in the blue morning and the blue morning in myself.
Clarissa in myself and myself in herself.
Myself in myself and in the flowers and in the morning.
Myself in the blue of the morning flowers.
The morning flowers in myself.
So I'll buy the blue flowers.
I think it, I say it, here and now.
They become me when I read them.
They become me when they read me.
I become them when they read me.
I become them when I read them.
They write me when they write themselves.
I write them when I write myself.
And I think I said it clearly.
Myself in themselves and themselves in myself.
So I’ll buy the blue flowers today.
I clearly think so.
And I so clearly think.

Oh, I think I've said it—
What a beautiful morning to buy the flowers myself.


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