"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt"

3 de febrero de 2014

▪ Let it Be


Take a pause to smile and then think. How everything ends up fitting into place. How bad things are good things and how everything changes all the time and it's bad and it's good and it's just different. It is what it is. Slow down and think how you end up doing what you are supposed to do, even when you don’t do what you’re supposed to do. How all possible paths are your paths, and how the one path among all the paths is your path along with all the others. Pause, smile and think. How we always stay the same, forever changing. How some things never change, although they change. Like you: past, present and future. Always you, the same, but always different. The same is always and never the same. Take a smile to pause and then think. How the end never arrives until it does, and then it continues, and continues to continue, similarly different, until it stops and continues again. How people, things, everything can come, then leave, then return. How everything makes sense in the end and it only takes a little patience to get there and finally see and understand the way things are.


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