"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt"

20 de septiembre de 2015

▪ Trying to Get Off

nothing worse than a brain afflicted by love when all signs become ambiguous and everything becomes possible and we start questioning every move like why did they come and talk to us (the interest must be mutual, the roller coaster goes up) but at the same time why are they not talking to us anymore (this must be unrequited love, the roller coaster goes down) or probably they are just shy or perhaps we should forget it all and move on or maybe we should be sensible and find the courage to speak out and risk it all at once although we know that they are most likely not interested (because how could they, how could anybody, the roller coaster goes underwater) and all those laughs are probably just the kind of laughs shared by ordinary friends because how can you tell them apart if no laugh sounds exactly the same but oh weren't those moments special and didn't those fiery eyes pierce inside us as if looking for a nice warm place where they could stay lit forever (the roller coaster goes round and round, it is out of control) and weren't they at times closer to us than they should have been like when their hands touched ours as if replicating and simplifying the complex process of love synapse that takes place between our brains and hearts or as if breaking down this metaphor for connection and communication on a concrete level during those brief contacts or as if saying hey look we can do better if we are together or is it just nonsense that takes over our minds and enjoys making us see all this bullshit because we know this is totally silly and we know we are reading beyond the lines and we know we shouldn't be doing this at all but we also know we can't help it because that's how it works because love has to be a crazy adventure because no love free from insanity is worth the love (the roller coaster cannot slow down, it cannot stop) so in a pointless attempt to get off the ride and knowing that we are already screwed up we still ask ourselves what the hell is going on and why on Earth can't our brains think straight when afflicted by love

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