"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt"

12 de febrero de 2012

▪ It's Time to Break


La verdad es que a esta altura las coincidencias o casualidades no me asombran ni me sorprenden en lo más mínimo. Pero resulta que hay una sopa de letras psicológica dando vueltas por Facebook y se supone que las tres primeras palabras que lográs encontrar te describen tal cual sos. Es obvio que es una pelotudez gigante como una casa. No obstante: broken, funny, fool. Y es gracioso porque ya hace un par de días que reflota en mi cabeza Magnus con su discurso de everybody’s broken, en The Accidental. Discurso trillado, lo sé. Pero por más negativo y deprimente que pueda ser, hay momentos en los que no me deja en paz la idea de que sí, Magnus is right, we are all broken, one way or another. We all get to the point when we do something, we say something, we think something, and that’s it. Done. We are doomed. We get broken. We simply go and do something that is wrong, even if no one is to blame for it. But why? We just do it the wrong way, because we don’t we can’t know any better. And so we lose control, we do our best and we end up smashing to the floor. Crash. Broken. Just like that. And we cannot be glued back together. Some of us get broken even by inaction, by not doing something, by standing still in the eye of the storm, by missing our chances. That is also wrong. It’s as if you simply began to dry and harden and you reach a point when you’re no longer flexible enough to survive and you just break. And that’s it. We are all broken, for one reason or another. We cannot help it. From the moment we are born, we live to break, we grow to break, that’s our fate. We don’t ever know it, but we’ll eventually break. And everybody around us will break too. Look at mum, or dad. Look at your friends, anyone around you. You can lie to yourself (and thus you can keep on breaking into smaller pieces) and think that they are all fine, that they are forever happy, that there’s nothing wrong with them, that their hearts beat full of utter bliss. Yet, that is not true. Life wouldn’t make any sense if that was all that there is to it. So we just have to accept it. Everybody breaks. Because it’s just too hard to stay in one piece when life reveals its true nature, when life is life. Even those who seem to lead perfect lives, those who seem to flawlessly grow older and wiser, they are also breaking just because of that, because of being perfect when we are not, when we are inherently flawed. Unless you believe that being imperfect is what makes us perfect (duh!), you have to face it. It's not possible. We cannot be perfect, so we end up breaking if we try to be, but we also break if we are not. We cannot help it. We are all fragile and we must accept it. That can't be changed. Human beings break. Humanity is doomed. There’s no way out.



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Eu dijo...

Me encanto.
And I do believe we are all doomed to be broken, by whatever reason or event, by our very selves, our imperfection.
However, every now and then I meet someone, already broken (even in the worst of ways), who has been fixed by the only power I know capable of such a feat: the loving eyes of a third party, before which all flaws disappear. I've seen it; I see it in the faces of my parents, in the face of my brother.
And those of us who might never know such a perfect feeling for more than a few fleeting seconds, well. We might live in perpetual yearning.