"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt"

7 de enero de 2010

▪ When I Read, I Become Plural


I like it how I can be different mes at the same time. Today I was me in three different ways. All very different. At the same time. I was me reading her, Mrs. Dalloway. So focused. So absorbed. And then I stopped reading, looked up and talked to my mum and dad and I was me, their son. Completely different. Pure and amusing. And then I resumed my reading and I was with her again, in silence. And I read her, and I learnt her. And then I stopped reading one passage or another and I stood up and I was me, transformed, manifold. (And where the hell had time gone?) The after-reading me, so different, so full, so subtle, so sensible, so her, Mrs. Dalloway, so me, so us, so fused together.

Three times me. Many times me. And all of a sudden they? we? are one again, indivisible. A duplicated past. A different present. A richer self. A plural me.


3 comentarios:

Marian dijo...

I am two different girls in one body. One is amusing, talkative, and relates quite well with the outer world.
The other one dwells in her own universe. She lives for beauty; words, images, feelings and sounds flow continuously around her. And she just told me she loved your post.

Beatriz dijo...

muy interesante tu blog, lo seguiré!

Alba dijo...

I cannot leave the dungeon.