"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt"

6 de agosto de 2010

▪ Utter Bliss (albeit Winter)


All of a sudden, it’s Friday! The end of the week. And it’s been a quiet day at college, a lovely sunny day in winter. Not that cold. In fact, I can smell spring arriving slowly. My favourite season. And love, perhaps, as well. And I’m very excited about finally getting to learn Argentine Sign Language. I practise it every morning and now I want my thesis to be about it. And today I also helped a man find a bus stop. He was very grateful. It felt good. And I wore this shirt for the first time. New things seem to spring up everywhere. A new pair of gloves. Oh, yes, I have the feeling the future is smiling at me. I smile at people and they can't help smiling back at me; no, they can't. Out of the blue, the possibility of going to Canada for some months next year is starting to materialize. Mastering French may no longer be a dream. And now I can say that this end I've been worried about is not just an end. Now this end is starting to look like the beginning of something else, something vaster. Everything is fresh, new, flourishing (albeit winter). And I have to say I like it. I definitely do.


6 comentarios:

YESS dijo...

(igual, lo hiciste medio fácil, algo entendí :P)

Flor S dijo...

Mmm... suena a que alguien está de buen humorr. De todas maneras, Burning Paradise es uno de los que más me gusta. A propósito, si querés date una vuelta por http://rbuscadas.blogspot.com

El 2 de Agosto estuvimos hablando de tú blog en la radio! Perdón que no te avisé antes, pero se me pasó el tiempo. Leímos dos de tus posteos, entre ellos el que me gustó. No será la meejooooor lectura, pero salió linda (es complicado pronunciar con los aparatos). En fin, te admiro por escribir literatura en inglés!!

Besos Ed!

ian dijo...

Me hiciste dar cuenta de que mi inglés (ese que aprendí en la escuela) no está oxidado.

Thiago dijo...

Something even greather than you hoped it'd be... :)

Kristel dijo...

the future is smiling.. noe this end ins starting to look like the beginning of something else

qué decirte... es un soplo de aire...
'everything is fresh, new'

hay algo mejor que sentir eso?

lanoiadullsdegat dijo...

Envidio tu inglés, haces que parezca fácil escrbirlo.